Saturday, March 24, 2012

Got into some bones today...

For those who don't know, when I'm not being a husband, a dad, a proprietor of a place of lodging and an erstwhile scribbler of tales, I'm a restaurateur.

Anyone who has ever owned a restaurant and been successful at it can tell you that you must be able to do all the jobs. Just in case. Which leads me to this story and why I found myself covered in grime, sweat and the essence of something that I can only describe as otherworldly...

Got into some bones today...

Spent the day, hammer, crow bar and sledge in hand, delving into the guts of Papa J's. I'll not bore you with the details but only share this otherworldly moment.

At some point, knee deep below the floor, clearing away the remnants of some past proprietors shoddy construction, I came upon the bones of the place; huge beams, two of them showing signs of being carved by hand and literally holding up the place. What had evolved into a remorseful endeavor full of loathing and the more than occasional oath, became a metamorphosis into an understanding of the place. If that makes sense.

I've often wondered why it is that late at night, when friends and staff have gone their way and I sit, glass in hand, listening to music, trying to unwind, that characters, people, come to me here, telling me stories I have no right to conjure.

I'm starting to understand it a little more. As I get into the bones.

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