Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nice Review from Pete Morin, Author

Pete Morin, author of Diary of a Small Fish, wrote a nice review of Slow Boat To Purgatory:

"It takes a very brave - some might say reckless - novelist to attempt a story of such magnitude as this - giving life to Good and Evil in an eternal battle for our souls. Vernon Baker has done quite an impressive job at it in this riveting epic tale spanning almost a thousand years.

Imagine the task of describing a scene at the gates of Hell, where a soul lost is delivered. Or of purgatory. Or the gates of Heaven. And doing it in the voice of a man from the 13th century, or the 16th century. Baker did not shrink from that task. As far as I'm concerned, he succeeded well.

This is a fantastical tale, no doubt - but Baker is able to pull us along, disbelief suspended sufficiently to go willingly.

I do think there were signs of exhaustion slipping into the prose on occasion. Some word ghosts and repetition, a bit of slipping out of the age and such.

But they were momentary distractions.

This is a novel very much worth reading!" Four Stars

Pete is getting rave reviews for his novel Diary of a Small Fish. I haven't read it yet but it is in my cue and I will be posting a review as soon as I read it.


  1. Read Pete's. Bostonians will roll in the flavor with glee.

  2. I'm involved with a group of children who spend time in caves with dwarfs, vampires and fairies. I had to bump him back a bit. He'll understand.