Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Name the character contest!

The followup to Slow Boat to Purgatory, The Arimathean", is moving along nicely. Like Slow Boat there are several angelic characters in the new book and one in particular is shaping up to be a real bad guy. I had a name in mind but it just doesn't seem to work for me on a gut level. So...I need your help!

Name the following character and I'll send you an e-book copy of Slow Boat To Purgatory:

Fallen angel. One of the original angels cast out of heaven. Tall, Alex Donovan is 6'2" and the angel towers over him. Tanned like he spends a lot of time in tropical climes. Long blond hair, rugged build, not muscle bound but strong. He favors oriental art, culture, architecture and clothes. Unlike most fallen angels he does not change his name when in mortal form.

He is known for his ability to recruit mortals to his side by promising great wealth, leisure and lives surrounded by wondrous beauty. While he rarely fails in his seduction he is capable of unleashing devastating violence which is usually imparted by legions of quite nasty demons at his disposal. There is no evidence that he has ever raised a weapon in battle.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Contest ends on 12-20.



  1. I am not entering as such, but I 've always liked the name "Ezra", always sounded mysterious to me :)

    May we know the name you had chosen?

  2. I think that the name Axial would be good for this character. But thats just me lol

    megnate at telus dot net

  3. Okay, I have several suggestions (and forgive me if you have mentioned these names; I read so much that I mix up characters in novels!):
    Talos (giant protector)
    Dymas (father of Hecate)
    Athan (immortal)
    Xanthus (golden-haired)
    Lykaios (wolfish)
    Chrysander (a golden man)
    Javan (angel of Greece)

    I like Dymas and Xanthus best--thanks for the chance to do this; fun thinking of names!

  4. Wow, great names so far!

    @Lorraine, I was writing on the beach yesterday, between ensnaring a gull and a pelican, and I gave him the name Azraiel. I like it but it seemed more warlike than I envision this character. I see him more as a master deceiver-manipulator and less a warrior. And then when I came up to the house and looked up the name I found that it was very close to Azrael, the archangel of death.

  5. I did think Azrael, but the only thing that would have bothered me is that it's the name of the cat in the French version of the Smurfs ! (don't know what he's called in English-speaking countries )