Thursday, January 17, 2013

The free book smackdown begins!

The smackdown of Paige W. Pendleton and her band of misfit urchins begins. She's been spamming the world in an attempt to sink the Slow Boat to Purgatory. I do not believe in cheap and tawdry parlor tricks. But of course that's all her characters have. Dismal baubles against my angels, demons, Gaspar de Rouse and company. At midnight tonight the e-book versions of both Slow Boat to Purgatory and Paige's The Keeper and Rune Stone go free on Amazon. For three days you can grab Slow Boat for free. For four days you can grab The keeper and The Rune Stone. Paige needs the extra day. Which ever book garners the most downloads wins. And the author of the victorious book must wear a pink shirt professing their love of the other's book. And they must parade around Hannaford grocery store in Belfast for thirty minutes. I will not wear pink! Spread the word! Tell your friends! Share with free e-book sites! I know no one here wants to see me in pink. Slow Boat To Purgatory The Keeper and the Rune Stone