Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Check out my new website and update on The Arimathean!

Well, we've finished this stage of the new website. Check it out at vernonjbaker.com. There's even an excerpt from The Arimathean. As always comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Update on the status of The Arimathean. The editor should have the book back to me tomorrow at which point I'll be lowering myself into a dark candle lit crypt to make any changes, corrections or improvements, he suggests. When I re-emerge in three or four days it goes back for a final proofread and then off to the book designer. It's looking like the first week of October for a release date. Fingers crossed.


  1. So exciting !!!! Good luck with the whole lowering yourself in the crypt... make sure you do come back up for some fresh air once in a while x

  2. ** lowering yourself in the crypt THING ! sorry, long day of doing nothing, brain's not started working yet !