Thursday, July 19, 2012

Childhood's End...

This article really resonated with me. As a kid I would hike in the mountains behind my house or walk to the creek and fish, walking up and down the canyon on whimsical explorations for hours. All of this from the time I was in fourth grade on. I can't count the number of great battles, epic hunting expeditions, far ranging crusades, I embarked on in my mind surrounded by the mountains, forests and streams.

Did I ever get hurt? Sure, once I fell on a hatchet strapped to my belt and put an eight inch gash in my side into which the doctor was able to insert his whole hand before he used sixty-five stitches to sew up.

Another time the local search and rescue team had to climb to the top of a giant cedar to help me repel back down after I spent four hours stuck near the top.

But I lived and I was better for every one of those adventures. Never had a video game or a t.v. just my imagination and the great outdoors.

Childhood's end

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  1. Lovely to find your blog - I'm currently on the web-blog-ring tour (Goodreads) getting to know everyone.
    See you around,
    Grace x