Monday, November 7, 2011

A review from a reader...

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful lady, a retired elementary school principal, last month at my restaurant, Papa J's. She bought the book and recently wrote this review she is posting to Barnes and

Thank you so much, Evelyn. It means more than you know!

"Slow Boat to Purgatory" by Vernon Baker Review

Vernon Baker has added new twists and taken the Templar story to another level. It's not just about the search for treasure and secrets. It's about redemption, salvation and consequences for ones actions. While Steve Berry and Raymond Khoury have a present-day Templar with a history reaching back to the past, Vernon has an immortal Templar from the past, reaching forward to the present. The past and the present are expertly woven together as this thrilling tale of Alex Donovan, Gaspar De Rouse, and Dominicus Bureau unfold. The reader feels fear and tension as Gaspar and Alex agonize over choices they must make. The suspense builds as the characters face dangers in the present and the afterlife. Gaspar finds there is a price to pay when one kills for God or what one believes to be a just cause. Supernatural angles and demons give an insight to the eternal battle being fought between good and evil and the fate of the soul. Vivid descriptions of mythical creatures allow fantastic views into realms that exist just beyond and sometimes coexist on our plane. This is a gripping, page turner novel. I look forward to the next novel and the development of the characters Gaspar, Dominicus and Alex."

Evelyn F.

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