Monday, October 17, 2011

Interesting times we write in...

Brave new world.


  1. Am about half through your book and finding it a real page turner! I especially enjoy the way you end each chapter on a note that compels one to start the next... At least a few pages more just to discover where that enigmatic ending is leading us... Usually I am not too keen on split-time stories but you seem to be handling that very well. So thanks for a very enjoyable read as well as a delicious dinner at your restaurant the other evening... I hate to dwell on the fact that had not my appetite for good food and fun company driven me to your establishment, I well might have missed your book (a thought I wish not to contemplate),

  2. Thank you, Myrna.

    I am not sure that people realize how important and valuable their feedback is. We as writers learn so much from the comments of those who read our work. Never mind the satisfaction we get from knowing that people are connecting with the story and the characters.

    Your comment about the chapter endings is interesting and makes me think.

    Thanks again and I look forward to getting your thoughts once you reach the end of this part of the story.

  3. Well, Vernon, have finished the book... last night... late! You do, indeed, have me hooked! So now we all wait eagerly for the next twists and turns of fate for Alex, Gaspar, Dominicus and Boniface (among others.
    I did notice you have not included any major female characters? Perhaps they are coming?? (One rotten angel-Cassandra- and one gate keeper-even if to the gates of heaven- don't count)... Oh well, not necessary.
    Your descriptions of the wine make my mouth water, and, I must admit I had never heard of steak frites.
    I agree with Dominicus when he states 'The world deserves to know the truth. That's all I want.' One last question, have you read Dante? Your demonic and angelic creatures are brilliant. Thank you for a mind engaging read!